February 6, 2023

Web application

You can find the full list of web app changes released this week at the following link:

🔥 We are excited to introduce the chart saving to ud table functionality. Now you can build custom intermediate tables right on the website to speed up query execution and to reduce SQL complexity.



We are constantly improving our API. Last week we fundamentally reworked some aspects, significantly improving the developer experience. The following is a detailed list of changes:

Changes in summary

NFT collections by chainGet NFT collections
NFT infoGet NFT tokens by collection
NFT attributesGet NFT attributes
NFT balanceGet NFT balance by token ID
NFT statisticsGet NFT token statistics
NFT transactionsGet NFT transactions by collection
NFT transfersGet NFT transfers by collection
NFT wash trade checkerCheck NFT wash trade
Token transfersGet token transfers
Token balanceGet token balance
Protocols by chainGet protocols
Protocol user statisticsGet protocol statistics
Chain transactionsGet chain transactions
Chain infoGet chains

New endpoints

Deprecated endpoints

APIUpgraded to
NFT collection statisticsGet NFT collection statistics
NFT ordersGet NFT listings Get NFT biddings