March 17, 2023

Added bsc and cronos chain in data api this week. Please see the details below.


The latest changelog, detailing the changes made this week, has been published on our GitHub. You can find all the information about the updates and improvements we've made to our product in the past week on this page:


Our team is always working hard to enhance our API. Here are the latest updates that we're excited to share with you! We will make this change effective this week. If you have any other questions, please contact us at discord.

1. The following endpoint add bsc chain data. link

  • Get NFT collection floor price history
  • Get NFT collection market cap history
  • Get NFT collection volume history
  • Get NFT owners by collection

2. The following endpoint add cronos chain data. link

  • Get NFT transfers by collection
  • Get NFT transactions by collection
  • Get NFT collections