Welcome to Footprint Analytics API

Footprint has a unique and very flexible API that allows you to build full-fledged data pipelines for data analysis, as well as machine learning applications.


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APIs for Web3 Builders

We provide a wide range of APIs across ten different domains, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your project's requirements. Here are the 7 API types available:

WalletIdentify wallet age, chain activity, as well as support for domain lookups such as ENS and Unstoppable Domains.
BalanceGet native token, ERC20 token, and NFT balances by wallet address.
ProtocolGet GameFi protocols users, transactions, volumes and more.
NFT Get multichain NFT transfers, metadata, price and more.
Money FlowGet money flow of token, address by entity, token category, txn size and type.
TransferGet real-time token transfers data for 27+ chains with one line code.
TransactionGet real-time transactions data for 27+ chains at your fingertips.

2 types of APIs

At Footprint, we strive to provide developers with powerful tools and data to fuel their applications. Our REST API and SQL API offer flexible options for seamless integration.


REST API allows to quickly integrate an application, since each endpoint is a pre-built, hard-coded script that we have identified ourselves as one of the most popular. All endpoints come with easy-to-use tools for filtering, sorting, and pagination.

Check the data coverage of REST API.


SQL API is a more flexible interface and allows you to get this for more narrow scenarios. The SQL API was designed in such a way that before its immediate use, it was possible to get a visualization within the web application, and then copy and paste the SQL code into the SQL API so that the same data is received.

Check all datasets supported for SQL API.

10-min quickstart for beginners

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API use cases

Here are some use cases for different types of web builders:

Verify wallet eligibility for protocols

When the QUEST platform publishes a quest or build a white list, it is often necessary to validate the eligibility of the wallet

How to verify address transaction eligibility in the campaign
How to verify token holder eligibility in the campaign
How to verify NFT holder eligibility in the campaign

Explore more ways to verify wallet eligibility and try our wallet API!

Build analysis dashboard

How to build a GameFi analytics app

Why use Footprint API

Footprint provides enterprise-grade Web3 APIs that connect any tech stack to blockchain networks.

Our 24/7 worldwide support ensures your project's easy launch, priority maintenance, and sustainable growth, with custom SLAs to support your demands.

  • Unified API
    One call to retrieve all data across any supported blockchain

  • Full dataset
    Covering full dataset from raw data to statistics metrics

  • Stability and Reliability
    Highest quality data with top protocols being manually verified

  • Customized
    Supports both REST API and SQL API for open and flexible data access methods


The core team runs a production-ready instance of the Footprint Analytics API with the following endpoints:

  • Stable

  • Beta


In order to ensure backwards compatibility, any changes to API endpoints are deployed as new versions. We will strive to keep old versions available for as long as possible, while also working closely with you to help upgrade.

Start building innovative solutions today by leveraging Footprint's APIs and generating valuable insights.


Don’t have an API key?

To begin exploring our API, simply acquire your unique API key fromhere.