Wallet Models

With the wallet address as the focus, Footprint provides wallet profile features on following chains:

Arbitrum Nova
BNB Chain

Wallet features

Footprint provides the following features to describe the profile of a specific wallet address:

  1. Wallet age
    1. first_txn_time
    2. age
  2. Wallet activity
    1. total_gas_fee_spent
    2. total_gas_fee_spent_in_usd
    3. number_of_txn
    4. number_of_active_days
    5. first_transaction
      1. first_txn_time
      2. first_txn_token_address
      3. first_txn_amount
      4. first_txn_token_symbol
      5. first_txn_token_decimals
    6. last_transaction
      1. last_txn_time
      2. last_txn_token_address
      3. last_txn_amount
      4. last_txn_token_symbol
      5. last_txn_token_decimals
  3. Wallet activity interacted with a specific contract and protocol
    1. Same features with “Wallet activity”

Footprint API

Get above data from Footprint REST API:

REST API endpointdescription
getWalletAgeReturns the wallet age for a given wallet address.
getWalletTxnStatsReturns transaction statistics for addresses.
getWalletYearlyTxnStatsReturns yearly gas fee spent(in native token and in USD) for addresses.
getWalletContractTxnStatsReturns transaction statistics for addresses and contracts.
getWalletProtocolTxnStatsReturns transaction statistics for addresses and protocols.
getWalletListByContractReturns a list of wallets that have interacted with a specified contract address.
getWalletListByProtocolReturns a list of wallets that have interacted with a specific protocol, encompassing multiple contracts.

Check the following dataset while you’re using SQL API to access:

  1. {chain}_address_first_stats
  2. {chain}_address_last_stats
  3. {chain}_address_monthly_stats


More chain/features/API endpoints?

Feel free to contact us in Foorpint discord click here.

Data sample

  "message": "success",
  "code": 0,
  "data": {
    "wallet_address": "0x46efbaedc92067e6d60e84ed6395099723252496",
    "age": 828,
    "first_txn_time": "2021-06-22 16:31:21.000 UTC"
  "message": "success",
  "code": 0,
  "data": {
    "wallet_address": "0x46efbaedc92067e6d60e84ed6395099723252496",
    "total_gas_fee_spent": 0.07917887180786977,
    "total_gas_fee_spent_in_usd": 200.59491929811276,
    "number_of_txn": 14,
    "number_of_active_days": 7,
    "first_txn_time": "2021-06-22 16:31:21.000 UTC",
    "first_txn_amount": 73695500000000000,
    "first_txn_token_address": "0xeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee",
    "first_txn_token_decimals": 18,
    "first_txn_token_symbol": "ETH",
    "last_txn_time": "2023-01-31 05:24:11.000 UTC",
    "last_txn_amount": 2000000000000000000,
    "last_txn_token_address": "0x4d224452801aced8b2f0aebe155379bb5d594381",
    "last_txn_token_decimals": null,
    "last_txn_token_symbol": null
  "message": "success",
  "code": 0,
  "data": {
    "wallet_address": "0x73379fdc805b389c1dd90f97de8f96aac8735520",
    "protocol_slug": "the-sandbox",
    "total_gas_fee_spent": 0.00356246212877856,
    "total_gas_fee_spent_in_usd": 13.483682208168531,
    "number_of_txn": 1,
    "first_txn_time": "2022-01-01 01:32:08.000 UTC",
    "first_txn_amount": 42974,
    "first_txn_token_address": "0x50f5474724e0ee42d9a4e711ccfb275809fd6d4a",
    "first_txn_token_decimals": null,
    "first_txn_token_symbol": "LAND",
    "last_txn_time": "2022-01-01 01:32:08.000 UTC",
    "last_txn_amount": 42974,
    "last_txn_token_address": "0x50f5474724e0ee42d9a4e711ccfb275809fd6d4a",
    "last_txn_token_decimals": null,
    "last_txn_token_symbol": "LAND"

Use case

  1. Verify wallet eligibility for protocols
    When the QUEST platform publishes a quest or build a white list, it is often necessary to validate the eligibility of the wallet, here is the case that allow you to quickly validate without the need to build user data:
    How to verify address transaction eligibility in the campaign