Clients Studies

1. Footprint Analytics (FA)

Accurate and easy-to-use tables help Polygon Studio understand the GameFi landscape and get current insights on marketing strategy

  • Auto-refreshing mechanism simplifies adding new contracts
  • Unique slug mechanism for contract and protocols mapping
  • CSV uploading support to upload any data

2. Footprint Growth Analytics (FGA)

Streamlined data prep allows Mocaverse to stitch together web2 and web3 data sources at 90% less than self-built
Connector brings in web2 data for integrated funnel and conversion analysis

  • Community tools for user mapping and campaign creation
  • Cohorts enable membership management and finding target users
  • Wallet profiles for reputation and status study

3. Data API

3.1 TrustaLab builds data models with on-chain data quickly and affordably
Making multi-chain data accessible and 10x faster in time-to-market

  • Batch download for historical data within 1 day
  • Full history and incremental data
  • Multi-tiers of data: raw tables, abstraction tables, tags

3.2 Comprehensive data fuels operation analysis and product development for PlanetIX
One-stop solution for all on-chain data sources

  • Upload data (off-chain data) for internal operation analysis
  • Ready to use NFT marketplace decoded data to analyze in-game NFTs market data
  • SQL API builds products, like dashboards and tools for users
  • Gamer profiles help identify high-value clients and improve campaign efficiency

4. Multiple services to accelerate the growth and development

4.1 Cronos ecosystem: grant package to boost developer onboarding

  • 0-coding analytics for project operation monitoring
  • Data APIs on different sectors for product design and interaction
  • FGA as an all-in-one GTM tool for all the teams

4.2 Oasys teams up with Footprint


Case studies

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10. Transform Your Social Media Strategy: Track, Analyze, and Optimize with Footprint Growth Analytics