Game Developer Onboard

This tutorial shows you how to quickly onboard to Footprint and use Footprint to supercharge your game analytics, development, operations, research, and more.

GameFi as a service video demo

Before you check the tutorial, please check the GameFi as a service video showing how we can supercharge your web3 games.

Feel free to talk to us if you have any questions while exploring Footprint.
Email: [email protected]

1. Get your game’s data

2 steps to get your game’s data.

  1. Submit all your contracts on the page to get your game's on-chain, token, in-game NFT data, etc. The Footprint team will typically review and parse the contract within T+1 business days. You can skip this step if we have decoded your game's data.

  1. Check your game data in the following dashboards by searching your game name.

2. Create your game charts and dashboards

View and analyze your game's data dashboard to get insights.

  1. Get a game-standardized dashboard within 1 minute
    1. Copy the Single Game Stats dashboard, then replace the ‘Protocol Name’ with yours. Please check the tutorial for more information. You can get indicators such as Gamers, On-chain Activities, Tokenomics, In-game NFT Mint, and Sales.

  2. Customize the indicator you need
    1. How to get a new indicator
      1. Here are the tutorials for you to create charts/indicators. You can use both No-code or SQL to make them.
      2. And you can take the PlanetIX dashboard as an example. It includes: Analysis of in-game indicators and gamer behaviors, different types of users, on-chain assets ( game equipment/materials, utility tokens, etc.), token liquidity and staking, etc.
    2. How to customize a dashboard
      1. Here are the tutorials for you to customize the dashboard. You can use dashboard tools like media boxes and filters to make it clearer and more legible.
    3. Embed charts and dashboards in your website to build your project easily
      1. Here are the tutorials. Have fun customizing your projects with Footprint charts and dashboards.
      2. And you can refer to NFTb which embedded 5 Gaming dashboards to build the Analytics page.

3. Building your product using Footprint API

There are 2 types of Data APIs, one is SQL API, and the other is REST API. You can use both of them to build your product. You can access the balance, transaction, transfer, ownership, reference data, and more. Check more details in API documentation.

  1. SQL API: A flexible SQL API customization for robust requirements. You can explore our SQL API by following the tutorial.
  2. REST API: One unified API for Web3 developers to access data easily. You can explore the REST API by following the tutorial.

4. Other services provided by Footprint

If you have any other more customized requirements, don't hesitate to reach out to our professional enterprise team. Contact: [email protected]

We serve more than 10 of the global leading game studios, Web3 games, game chains, and other gaming ecosystems, such as Animoca, Scopely, Oasys, MCH Verse, and PlanetIX.

The services we provide are not limited to the following:

  • Batch download
  • Bridging on-chain and off-chain data
  • Self-hosting
  • Consulting

If you have any questions during your explore Footprint, feel free to talk to us.
Email: [email protected]