Naming Convention


Tables and fields follow this naming convention

  • Table name and fields name are in lowercase
  • Underscores separate the distinct terms as per the standard conventions
  • All table names are in plural form
  • Table names are only having the following characters:
    • a to z / A to Z
    • 0 to 9
    • underscore (_) instead of spaces
  • Table names may have multiple underscores



  • ud_: means user define, data contributed by the community.


  • _info: represents the base information table maintained by Footprint and can be used as a hub for data association.
  • _stats: this table is statistical table, and contains aggregated/calculated metrics
  • _daily_stats: data in the table are aggregated by day.
  • _token_transfers: flow records of data chain tokens.
  • _transactions: represents transaction that occurs on the blockchain, and the hash value represents its uniqueness.
  • latest or latest_{metrics}: this table only contains the latest data and does not include any relevant historical data.
  • _deprecated: table is no longer relevant.


Deprecated tables

  • Same {table} may be deprecated several times. Following popular naming convention, the deprecated tables will have the autoincrimenting number appended so that the table name will look like following: {table}_depecated_{copy_number}
  • Deprecated tables will only be for 30 days. Users having the charts that are based on deprecated tables will be guided to use new updated tables instead


About Numerical Values

  • number_of: represents the count of integers, such as the number of addresses, number of transactions, etc.
  • value: represents the value flow in a transaction, usually in US dollars, as denoted in value_currency.
  • amount: represents mathematical units that contain decimal types, such as token amounts, volume, TVL, etc.
  • amount_raw: represents the raw data obtained from the chain that has not undergone any decimal operations.
  • amount_currency: represents the number of tokens transferred in transactions, usually for ERC-20 symbols, e.g. UNI/AAVE. etc.
  • value_currency: represents the unit of value calculation, usually a fiat currency or a virtual currency with high market acceptance, such as ETH/BTC/DAI or USD/EUR. If the field is not present in the table, it means that the value is calculated in USD.

About Date

  • on_date: represents the time when the data was generated or recorded. For example, if the date is 2022/01/01, it means that the data or statistics were generated or recorded on that day.
  • _{number}d: this field indicates the time range for which data is being collected and analyzed. For example, the "_30d" suffix indicates that the data shown pertains to the last 30 days. for example:
    • token_price_last_90d: this table displays the token price for the last 90 days.


Null or exception data conventions

data typenullemptyexception valueinfinity
stringinvalidempty stringN/Ainvalid


  • null : means that the data does not exist in the database
  • empty: means the data exists in the database, and the value is empty
  • N/A: means the data not applicable
  • invalid: means should not exist in this case
  • exception value: means data that has been processed,and found the exception value, appears in beta tables.

special cases

  • price: The price related value is: 0.000999999999

Beta Table

Special marks

  • Beta: data accuracy, stability, data period, update frequency and other important metrics are still being tested